Once your child is enrolled in our program, we begin the process of getting to know you, your child and your family. Our initial meeting will give us a chance to talk to you about your child and your family’s needs with childcare. After this, we ask that you to complete an enrolment form which will be available in the office or may be emailed to you. The following forms must be completed and returned prior to the first day of attendance:

  • Enrollment form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Consent form
  • Emergency Contact Card
  • Physical form
  • Immunization form
  • Medication permission form

There are a number of other forms available in the parent package that you can fill out at your own discretion (allergy form), in regard to your child’s particular needs. Blue Moon Child Care is open from 7:30am until 5:30pm Monday through Friday.

Once you have been given a start date at the Centre we strongly encourage all new families to participate in an orientation visit. Orientation visits are designed to give you and your child a chance to meet the staff and children, learn about the routines, expectations, and ask questions.

It is also a vital process in helping your child to settle into care. Parents, family members or caretakers stay with the children during orientation visits to assure the child that this is a safe and friendly place where families and children can interact and play.

Orientation visits may be 15 to 20 mins or may last several hours depending on your child’s needs. Please book all orientation visits prior to arriving so that we can give you the time and attention that you deserve.

As enrolling in daycare reflects a big transition for the child, part of our policy includes suggesting gradual entry. This would allow for the child, parents and staff to slowly become familiar with each other and to gauge whether this is a good fit. It is still required that forms are dropped off before the child can be left in our supervision. Our recommendation for gradual entry is that we develop a week-long schedule where the child can initially stay for a number of short visits and eventually a brief drop-off. At the end of this weeklong process, a meeting can be scheduled to discuss the child’s full-time enrollment.

Childcare fees are based on enrollment (a reserved space), not on attendance. To maintain a reserved space, fees must be paid during the absence of a child due to illness, holidays, vacation, or for any other reason.

One month written notice is to be given for termination of care. This gives another family time to enroll and orientate their child and provide the same opportunities for each family and child. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible when terminating and will give the same courtesy in return.
Young children depend on regular routines to provide a sense of security. We ask that you establish regular hours to drop-off and pick up your children. This will assist your child in establishing a regular routine and build on self-confidence. Upon arrival, please ensure that your child is escorted directly to an employee. Under no circumstances are children to be left unattended at a front or back door, or coat area. All children must be signed in and out of the service by the legal guardian or as authorized on the child’s enrollment form and include the time of departure. Please ensure you speak to a staff when collecting your child so that they are informed of your child’s departure. For your convenience, a sign in/out sheet, pen, and a clock are located by the door. Please be informed that because our primary concern is for the health and safety of the children who attend our facility, we will not release a child to anyone who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If this should occur, we will immediately notify alternative authorized persons as listed by parents/guardians on the emergency notification card.
You are required to notify the staff when an alternate person is dropping off or picking up your child. No child shall be released to an adult not authorized by a parent. The adult you send to pick up your child must be listed on the child’s registration form and must have photo identification. Any additional persons authorized to pick up must be in writing. We will not release to anyone under the age of 16. If you have a Custody Access Order issued by the Court to limit access to your child by an individual, please provide us with a copy, otherwise we are legally not able to enforce your request.