We understand that as parents, it is imperative to have an idea of how your child will be spending their time and how this will be beneficial to their development. Our schedule focuses on physical activity and balancing a variety of group activities and free play time. In this, we aim to provide a plan that has a certain sense of structure but is also flexible so that activities don’t become routine. A typical day will go as follows:
    • 7:30am: Children arrive, there will be free play and the morning snack.
    • 8:00am: There will either be an interactive puzzle, group art activity or individual playtime.
    • 8:30am: There will be an interactive group activity, free play or an art activity
    • 9:30am: It will be morning snack time.
    • 10:00am: The children will be taken outside to the yard or to the park for play. If the weather is not ideal, then a physical activity such as a passing ball game or dance party will be had indoors.
    • 12:00pm: The children will be brought back inside for lunchtime
    • 12:30pm: Story time or interactive group activity
    • 1:00pm: It will be rest/nap time.
    • 3:00pm: Afternoon snack time
    • 3:30pm: Outdoor play or physically active indoor play
    • 4:30pm: Free play
    • 5:30pm: Centre Closes


All children are offered nutritious snacks both in the morning and in the afternoon which are prepared on site. There will be a monthly snack menu on the parent’s board for your information. Lunch is provided by the parents or guardians. Parents may provide their child with variety of nutritious fruits, vegetables, breads etc., in a lunch bag. It is our belief that children can eat on demand, so they can get their lunch bag, sit down by the lunch table and eat at any time of the day. If your child has allergies, and requires a modified diet, we must be notified of this in writing. We will need to have a physician’s written instructions describing any foods the child is not permitted to eat. An appropriate substitution will be made, if possible.

We never force a child to finish what is on his/her plate, but we do encourage each child to try one or two bites of everything. All eating patterns will be communicated to the parents.


In accordance with regulations, all children will have rest time in the afternoon. The children are not required to sleep but will enjoy a quiet time with soft music and dimmed lights. Each child is provided with a cot, a blanket, pillow and one small stuffed animal may be brought from home to use during rest time. Rest time is scheduled from 1pm to 3pm.

Alternatively, if you wish for your children to rest at a different time, please discuss this with us and we can arrange a plan.